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Deep Conditioning Treatment

Smooth and Frizz-Free Hair in Just 5 Minutes


For Soft, Silky Hair in One Use

Cruelty Free
Paraben Free
Silicone Oil Free
SLS Free
Cruelty Free
Paraben Free
Silicone Oil Free
SLS Free
Cruelty Free
Paraben Free
Silicone Oil Free
SLS Free
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Day Collagen Shampoo Morning of Resort

The gel-textured day shampoo gently cleanses your scalp, leaving it feeling refreshed and free of excess oil. Great for all hair types, it fights hair loss and adds volume. This enriching shampoo also turns rough, dry hair into silky smooth strands.

Night Collagen Shampoo Midnight Forest

The gel-textured shampoo goes beyond cleansing, offering a deeply rejuvenating experience. It removes impurities like micro-dust, sweat, and built-up oil. It is suitable for all hair types and offers a perfect solution for damaged, dry, oily or itchy scalps.

Forte Ampoule Treatment

This game-changer deeply repairs and restores even the most damaged hair. Packed with micro-keratin power, it softens and smoothens rough hair, leaving it silky and easy to manage.

Collagen Boost Scalp Pack

The cream formula is designed to deeply nourish and repair your scalp and hair, leaving them feeling silky smooth and healthy. Perfect for brittle, dry, or oily hair, it leaves your hair fuller, more manageable, and shielded from future damage.

Recovery Oil Essence

This leave-in treatment is your all-in-one solution for restoring and boosting shine from root to tip. The serum-oil blend absorbs instantly, leaving no residue and never weighing down your hair. Suitable for all hair types, it works as heat protection, retains moisture, and delivers shine for silky-smooth hair.

How to Use

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Are you a Morning or a Night Person?

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  • Elevate your morning routine with our Collagen Day Shampoo, crafted for those who prefer shampooing during the daylight hours.
  • Ideal for - Those experiencing dry scalp, hair loss, or damaged hair.
  • Scent - Citrus and Floral Scent.
  • Texture - Gel to gently cleanse scalp waste.
  • Unwind with our Night Shampoo, tailor-made for those who prefer to wash their hair before bedtime.
  • Ideal for- Those dealing with an oily scalp or itchiness.
  • Scent - Peaceful healing
  • Texture - Gel to deeply cleanse built up micro dust, sweat and sebum on scalp