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Barrier Care

One Thing for Acne Care

Antimicrobial & antibacterial ingredients that provides care for acne breakouts & soothes skin.

Acne Care Recommendations

One Thing Centella Asiatica Extract


One Thing Tangerine Serum


One Thing Niacinamide 10%


One Thing Houttuynia Cordata Extract


One Thing Artemisia Capillaris Extract


One Thing Centella Soothing Cream


One Thing Centella Moisturizing Sunscreen


One Thing Hyaluronic Acid Complex


How to use one thing

About One Thing

One Thing, as a brand, are true to their name where the products focus only on a single ingredient.

Their formulations use 100% pure plant-based extracts, with ingredients found locally in South Korea.

They remove unnecessary ingredients, keeping only 100% of what your skin really needs.