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They're decent in terms of a pimple patch and do the job well

I really love the shade this tint gives to my lips.
It also leaves an after tint on the lips and I really love how natural it looks
My lower lip is a bit darker than my upper lips and it still looks good.

Quick healing

Using the Cosrx patch was incredibly convenient. I have a habit of constantly touching my acne, but the patch helped me leave it alone. I applied it to my forehead acne, and it soothed the area within one use.

Great patches for active acne

Really liked using the Cosrx Master Patches. I applied one at night over a painful, active acne spot, and by morning, the acne was significantly smaller and pain-free. I highly recommend this product to everyone. The patch is also clear, making it suitable for daytime use.

Has a great texture absorbs easily and packed with great ingredients overall a great retinol serum

Superb retinol

Gentle,non irritating and effective one

Best Sheetmask Ever!

The amount of serum in this sheet mask is amazing. Love it!

Great for Sensitive Skin!

It stung a little the first time i used it, but it makes my skin look brighter already. I've been using it twice a week (used it for 2 weeks now)

Amazing product

Best Retinol in the market, gives you glass skin. Good for sensitive skin too

Hydrating serum

Calming and hydrating

Holy grail

It's so soothing and calming,love it

colour is v pretty even on pigmented lips but a lil expensive

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS LIPTINT…its a lil expensive but the colour is soooo dang pretty
Definitely gonna buy again but i hope they have some sale or off so its affordable for uni students to buy.

Really nice!!

Very nice cleansing oil. Melts away makeup so easily. As a first time buyer, I got free samples of Klairs products which I tried and found amazing!! Also, very happy with the site for delivering on time.

Best cream but please bring more korean brands such as numbuzin


Beautiful shade for warm undertone

Spot treatment

This is such an amazing product for acne treatment … And since it was so good I had to order another one for my sister too … now its our favourite 😎

Absolutely love the CIC Spot Shield Patches!

These pimple patches have become a staple in my skincare routine. Here's why I love them:

Double Duty: They come in two sizes, which is perfect for tackling both tiny whiteheads and larger blemishes, no more struggling to find the right size patch!
Healing Power: The hydrocolloid material with Niacinamide helps speed up the healing process and minimise scarring. I've noticed a significant difference in how quickly my pimples clear up.
Stick Like Glue: These patches are waterproof and stay on all night, even if I sleep on my face (oops!). No more waking up to patches stuck to my pillow.
Great Value: With 36 patches in a pack, they last a long time, and the price is very reasonable.
I highly recommend the CIC Spot Shield Patches to anyone struggling with acne. They're a gentle, effective way to clear up breakouts and prevent scarring.

beplain Greenful pH-Balanced Cleansing Foam
Great Product

Suitable for oily and Sensitive skin


My mom (matured aging skin) absolutely loves this cleanser…

The one (perfect) thing for dry skin!

I'm on my 3rd jar! It's the perfect moisturiser for my extremely dry sensitive skin. Doesn't break me out, is extremely light weight. Just what a good everyday moisturiser needs to be.

Rom&nd Zero Matte Lipstick - Dusty Pink

Love the texture and way it stays on the lips. If you don't have dark lips, you can go for this colour as the colour doesn't show on dark lips. But you can add a nude base and apply this lipstick. The lipstick is very lightweight, feels like nothing is there, but it doesn't have any staying power especially if you eat or drink.

Healed my broken skin barrier 💖

After my skin broke out due to another product I used only the One Thing Houttuynia Cordata Extract and the One Thing Centella Soothing Cream. It soothed and healed my skin so quickly. The redness and bumps have now decreased. Also the bottle is quite big. Totally worth it.

It gives glow to your skin

If you want a glowing skin, get the somebymi toner and serum, it works wonders

beplain Multi Vitamin Ampoule
Apurva Singh
Maintenance product

I have oily acne prone skin, was not very impressed with this one, good thing is it didn't break me out and made my skin bit softer other than that nothing special. One can go for it as its kind of a maintenance product having multiple actives.