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Cooling toner

This toner is really nice for oily skin. it doesnt feel sticky and it actually makes your skin temperature feel normal. I like using it on a hot day and before makeup. It creates like a velvet feel on your skin so even foundation spreads nicely.

Would say its a good option for oily/combination skin people.

Helps with blackheads

I got a lot of blackheads on my nose. Whenevr I use this it helps remove them and it doesnt feel like I'm scrubbing too much. I like using it to remove them, and also when I have to go for an event or party. My skin looks very fresh after and makeup goes on properly.

Super soothing

The cream helps me when I have a lot of acne that are red or painful. Been using it for a few months now. Everything feels really ncie and cool

Best toner ever!

Hands down the best Toner I've ever used. I have combination skin and this is just the perfect consistency and absorbs beautifully! You can layer it several times for radiant glowing skin!

Hello even glowy skin!

The best Vitamin C serum I've ever used!

The Klairs Juiced Vitamin Drop is THE serum you need for that chok-chok glowy even skin. I love how it's cruelty-free and easy to use! I use it right every evening after the cleansing and using the Dear Klairs Supple Preparation Toner and I could see instant results and signs fabulous even skin in just a week! Try it, you won't regret it!

Absolutely refreshing!

I love using this Serum lotion! It's instantly hydrating and feels so great on my skin

Favourite Product

This is by far one of my instant favorite product. It is soothing and completely hydrating. Leaves my skin feeling super smooth and moisturised. Love it !

Definitely add this to your routine!

Fell in love with this cream from the first time! It's extremely lightweight and almost has a fluffy feeling- which is great because I have oily/combination skin and hate anything that makes me feel greasy. This cream has been great for both summer and winter because just using different amounts is enough to suit the season. On my second tub and will re-order.

Use: I use it daily day and night. It's enough to make your cheeks literally feel bouncy, and I love how it makes my skin feel bright.

Also good as a light base to moisturise skin before applying my make up because it get's absorbed very easily and feels velvety.

On my 3rd bottle!

This serum has been a fabulous product for my sin. It helps clear my acne marks and my skin has actually looked a lot brighter and healthier. It even cleared my pores so they appear smooth and tight/smaller. It has reduced my acne breakouts in general, and I love carrying it when I travel. It helps make sure I don't breakout while I'm on holiday. Used 2 bottles already and now I'm on my third.

One of the best moisturiser I銙撴不e used

I銙撴不e been using this moisturiser for 2 years now. It銙撴硡 very good for my sensitive skin. The cream is not so thick and non- scented.

Klairs rich moist soothing tencil sheet

Firstly thank you for speed delivery.... The sheet mask was very hydrating and brightening.... I even got free samples and lip lock lipstick...... Highly recommend klairs tencil sheet and will definitely shop again.... Highly recommend to shop from limese.....

Best Korean Product

I have seen my pigmentation reduce since using this. Plus, it smells great, like lavender soap. The product seems genuine, it came in the correct packaging and was sealed. Give this a try, it is worth it.

Good for Acne problems

I got this because I read many reviews saying that it has really helped with acne scars. Not only are my scars getting lighter, it helped with my acne problems.

Great Buy

Tried klairs for the first time and it really helped my skin glow. Was reluctant to go with a korean products but money well spent. Also, the usage steps helped along.