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As it claims for dark circles and fine lines it’s working but takes so much time….but not much impressed like freshly juiced vitamin drops


This essence is my go-to now. No doubts, amazing job. Must buy!

Moart Velvet Lipstick
Jyoti Kaplish
Moart Lipstick

I loved the shade. It's. So pretty and stay for long hours.the matter texture is superb and this is the best lipstick i ever used at such an attractive price.

magic product

drastically improved my skin right after 3 uses!! I think I'm not going to use anything else ever. super lightweight and moisturising, doesn't contain any fragrance, perfect for my dry and sensitive skin. I'm possibly a week away from getting the coveted Korean glass skin!

Light-weight, makes my skin feel fresh and supple. Happy with the product!

good moisturiser

I got this tube after trying the sample. Its a very good moisturizer, light, yet hydrating enough for the body as well as face, no irritation or break outs. Satisfied with the product and will definitely be buying again.

Not worth the price

Using this since 20 days and haven’t observed any difference. I’m suffering from back acne and bought this product with high expectations. But not worth the wait. It’s just like plain water with fragrance. Nothing useful

Worst product

Do not buy this product if you have sensitive skin. After using this for 20 days my acne became worse and I observed tiny bumps all over my face and neck. I suggest not to use this one.This isn’t worth the money.

Beautiful product

I am rarely into toners, but this product right here is such an amazing thing to put on your face. The quantity and quality of the product is just amazing and it smells divine.
It has made my skin so so happy. Go for it without a second thought ❤.

Irritated my skin

Irritated my skin too much leading to breakouts.

Work good

Hi I have purchased this patch previous month it is good but not great. I think cosrx is better than this patch
It doesn't stick well and is not water proof doesn't go well with skincare. If you want to try give it a try but it is very costly.

Centella Asiatica

Wow! So soothing and helps in repairing skin barrier! Love the freebies.
Super affordable Korean brand

The Best

This is my 2nd bottle and I fallen in love with it over and over again ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Just go for it any skin type.

Super foamy

It smells like a chemistry lab and I like it. It stings on open pimple scars but the rest is cool.

Super Hydrating

Super thick and feels so nice on my lips.

Tried it 2-3 times, didn't see any result. Since i have sensitive skin i have to start slow and maybe increase the frequency in future. Will update after a month. 5 stars for ingredients.

Don't see no change!

I haven;t seen any drastic change , i guess it takes time. The ingredients ,formulation and consistency are top notch just waiting for the results now.

Not it!

Didn't do anything for me so i am using these patches to cover my zits under makeup/sunscreen while going out in the day.

A MUST BUY FOR Makeup BUFFS & Skincare Gurus

This product has made my life so easy to take off makeup & sunscreen. It's so easy to use and doesn't irritate your skin. You just apply it like any face oil and break down the makeup/4-5 layers of sunscreen and then you can simply wash your face. No need to use any cotton pad or anything. It is a clear oil that turns into a mild soapy solution when you wash it.


It's a holy grail product for my dry skin...
🥰...very gentle...luv this removes sunscreen effectively so you don't need a double cleansing routine if you wear only a non waterproof sunscreen...limese product delivery so good... Luv those samples...😊

Very gentle formula

The texture is very lightweight and absorbs very quickly. Used it only once so can't really tell how effective it is.


I love it sm, it literally melts your makeup and gives you that squeaky clean look without stripping your skin. However the smell lol I can see people hating it for the smell it has.


Lovely product and it's very useful. It has a nice ingredients and help in having a glow skin.

Disappointing product

I didn't do any research and bought it,
My skin started to breakout a lot suddenly due to unknown reasons and I decided to use this product.
It had absolutely zero effect on my skin.
I used it consistently for a week and I know now for sure that it is of no use.

When I actually try to remove it after 6-8 hours, the active acne is still there + growing and since this patch is sticky it actually hurts while trying to remove it.

The only good thing about this patch is that it is waterproof but what's the point since it doesn't work.

For ref : My skin type is oily and I don't breakout that often, just before my periods.

Magic in Job's tears!

I was surprised to find out this seed is called 'Job's tears'. Using this magic liquid consistently made my skin so much healthier and less sensitive. It's literally a holy grail! Smooth delivery btw:) thank you!