Eclair LED Therapy Mask
Eclair LED Therapy Mask
Eclair LED Therapy Mask
Eclair LED Therapy Mask
Eclair LED Therapy Mask
Eclair LED Therapy Mask
Eclair LED Therapy Mask
Eclair LED Therapy Mask
Eclair LED Therapy Mask
Eclair LED Therapy Mask
Eclair LED Therapy Mask
Eclair LED Therapy Mask
Eclair LED Therapy Mask
Eclair LED Therapy Mask
Eclair LED Therapy Mask
Eclair LED Therapy Mask
Eclair LED Therapy Mask
Eclair LED Therapy Mask
Eclair LED Therapy Mask
Eclair LED Therapy Mask
Eclair LED Therapy Mask

Eclair LED Therapy Mask

Beauty Tool | Made in Korea

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An LED mask that provides a comfortable 15 minute home light therapy experience

  • 96 LEDs with optimal placement to maximise skin improvement
  • Red, Orange and Blue light work on different skin concerns
  • Improves wrinkles, skin elasticity, skin tone and enlarged pores





Eclair LED Therapy Mask
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Includes: LED Mask x1, Eye Shield x1, 1.5m USB Cable x1, Guide Book x1
Designed by ZERO FOUNDERS (Assembled in China)


An ultralight (only 67.5g) LED Mask, that is designed to provide a comfortable at-home light therapy experience with its shape and hollowed-out viewing angle. Made of 96 LEDs, its shape and LED placement allows for an optimal amount of light to reach all over your face and maximise skin improvement.

With 3 different light settings, you can treat a variety of skin concerns.

The mask comes with a 1.5m USB cable that needs to be plugged into power the LED mask. It can be used safely and without the mask getting heated, as there is no built-in battery. It also has an automatic timer that stops sessions after 15 minutes to prevent excess exposure.

Certified Stable from the Eye Damage Prevention Rating by KTL.

*The certification from CE & RoHS guarantees that this product is harmless to humans and environment-friendly. It also implies that products exported to Europe are below the standards regarding the 6 harmful substances.

What is LED Therapy?

LEDs, Light Emitting Diodes, are used as a skincare treatment at different wavelengths. Think of light as a skincare ingredient in itself. At different wavelengths, it reaches different layers of the skin and treats various skin concerns. Similar to active ingredients, the light works at a cell level, via the receptors in the skin cells. For instance, it might help stimulate collagen production, increase blood flow etc. 

LED therapy is a long-term approach to skincare, as it will not provide instant results. Research shows LED therapy to be proven safe for skin and eyes, as the colours do not penetrate the eye. 

Fun Fact: LED therapy was originally developed by NASA to help heal the wounds of astronauts injured in space.

Key Light Wavelengths

Red Light: Used at a 630-635nm wavelength. It has been found to help improve fine lines and boost collagen production, improving skin elasticity.
Tip: It is more effective when used with the Klairs Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop.

- Orange Light: Used at a 590-600nm wavelength. Often also called Amber light, it has been found to help brighten one's skin and even out the complexion. It can revitalise dull skin and add a glow.
Tip: It is more effective when used with the Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop

- Blue Light: Used at  465-470nm wavelength. It can help reduce the appearance of enlarged pores by balancing oil production and has a soothing effect on the skin. Its antibacterial properties also help kill acne-causing bacteria.
Tip: It is more effective when used with the Klairs Fundamental Watery Oil Drop

How to Use

1) Prep your skin with toner after cleansing.
2) Put on the mask and connect the USB cable to an adaptor or a portable battery.
3) Press and hold the power button to start, and press again to switch lights.
4) The LED light will automatically stop after 15 minutes. Remove the mask and finish up with a moisturizer.

*Note: Use a maximum of 2-3 times a week for effective results. If you are new to LED therapy, start by using it once a week till your skin adjusts to it.


Q. Is it safe for my eyes? Is the Eye Shield absolutely necessary?
A. The harmlessness of this product to the eyes is certified from the Eye Damage Prevention Rating by Korea Testing Laboratory. The KC Marking and CE Marking this acquired also guarantee safety. As it is safety tested you can use it without a shield, but we’ve included an Eye Shield in the box for those who have very sensitive eyes. If you’d like to block the LED light from your eyes, wear the Eye Shield under the mask and enjoy more comfortable at-home light therapy.

Q. Can I apply products with a thick formulation (lotion, cream) before using the mask?
A. If you apply a thick product like cream, the lights can’t penetrate your skin in depth. We recommend you to apply lotion or cream after using the mask. We recommend the routine below:
Cleanse -> Tone your skin -> Apply ampoule/serum -> 15 minutes of LED mask! -> Apply lotion/cream

Q. How often should I use it?
A. After 15 minutes, it reaches the maximum amount of wavelength the skin can accept. We recommend 15 minutes a day, 2-3 times a week.

Q. To see results, for how long should I continue this?
A. To get maximum effects, use one light setting that fits your skin concern for at least 4 weeks.

Q. Any precautions?
1) This is not waterproofed so please avoid water. Using a dry towel or tissue to remove any contamination and storing it in the package box is recommended.
2) This is a skincare device, not a medical device. Other than skincare effects, it does not offer any medical efficacy.
3) If you’re treating skin-related issues or allergies or recovering from the treatment, consult with your doctor first before using it.
4) We do not recommend you to use this during pregnancy or breastfeeding without consulting a doctor.

Q. It won’t charge.
A. It’s not supposed to charge like a smartphone, the mask should be connected to the USB cable when using it.

Q. It says 96 LEDs, but I see only 32 in the picture.
A. There are 96 LEDs, it’s just that 3 terminals look like one. Also, having more LEDs does not decide how effective it is, it’s more about how evenly the LED wavelengths are distributed to the skin.

Q. Does it contain UV light?
A. This is an LED light therapy product and has nothing to do with UV.

Q. For how long will it last?
A. You can use this semi-permanently. The average lifespan of LED is about 15 years and more.

*alcohol-free indicates that no primary alcohol is used, this may exclude tertiary or fatty alcohols

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
A really effective LED Therapy Mask

I have used LED Therapy Masks before but I never thought that light therapies are actually effective till I started using this product. Hands down, the best LED Therapy Mask in the market right now and my personal favourite is the Red LED Light. With the first use itself, I felt a tight plump skin. I’m not sure about the other two lights but I’ve been consistently using Red LED Light Therapy for twice a week from last two months and I can tell that it is really working out for me.

Up your game!

You can find many reviews for this product online along with tutorial videos, but having used it for 8 months what no one will tell you is that consistency with this is key. I have combination sensitive skin, I use it twice a week. The improvement in my skin texture has been marked, but I need to remember SPF as well! When I forget using the mask, I can tell by the dullness immediately. Results are only till you continuously use but my face and neck are brighter, my products post use are absorbed better and it also weirdly relaxes me and helps me sleep better. I do one cycle on my face and one on my neck and chest (I have to awkwardly stretch for that). I’ve also started using it on my hands and knees in the day time (please don’t forget the safety glasses, they’re uncomfortable and almost seem like an after thought in the entire product but you need them!). I’ve only used the red light though, the blue light needs more scientific backing before I’ll use it. I have dabbled in the orange and I just prefer the red.

Annie Gogoi

Such a wonderful product for skin rejuvenation.The combination of different lights,when used on a daily basis can do wonders for your skin.Ofourse you won't get very quick results so you have to be quite diligent with it,but trust me it's totally worth your money as well as your time.

Smriti P.
Really great purchase

This product is a great intro into the world of LED skincare devices. I don't think it's going to be as powerful as the ones with infrared but it's pretty good for the price and lives up to the promise.

I've definitely experienced instant results with the blue light (it calmed down my hormonal breakouts) and the red/orange are more of a waiting game - slow results with those so be patient.

Some essential tips -

- Don't ignore the goggles. Recent studies show that these products can cause some eye issues (jury is still out) so make sure that you always have the included goggles on.

- Don't use for more than 15 minutes at a time and if you have sensitive skin - I'd suggest sticking to just one light for those 15 minutes.

- Don't have retinoids on when you're using this, it's too irritating. I just like to use my moisturizer underneath.

- Don't have spf on when you're using the device, but definitely use it afterwards.

- Start with 3 times a week and go up from there

Thank you limese!!

Thanks a lot for introducing such tools finally in India!! Very happy with the delivery and the goodies as well. You guys are awesome :)
Please continue bringing these for us in the country, thanks again !!